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Veterans fighting against federal cuts

With many waiting for a staggering amount of time to even get veterans benefits, groups and vets alike are now looking to rally against any thought the White House could have to make cuts to these benefits, according to The Associated Press. Supporters are worried that President Barack Obama’s changes to using a different measure to calculate Social Security Administration disability benefits may affect veterans as well.

“I think veterans have already paid their fair share to support this nation,” said the American Legion’s Louis Celli, according to AP. “They’ve paid it in lower wages while serving, they’ve paid it through their wounds and sacrifices on the battlefield and they’re paying it now as they try to recover from those wounds.”

The AP said veterans groups will be watching the coming weeks and months of budget cuts very closely, as groups have already held news conferences and raised the issue with politicians. Next month, the new budget will be released and many will get a first look to see if veterans benefits will fall at all on the chopping block.

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