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Lawsuit filed for in-house nursing funding

According to Courthouse News, a class action lawsuit have been filed in Illinois in response to drastic cuts of in-home nursing for disabled people once they turn 21 years of age. The lead plaintiff of the class action suit, Don Harris, sued director of the Illinois Department of Health and Human Services Julie Hamos in federal court. Those affected by these cuts with disability qualifying conditions should consider filing with the Social Security Administration.

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VA cuts benefits for service dogs

Although many veterans of the United States military may be in need of service dogs due to the effects of post traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD,  ABC news reports that according to the Federal Register, these veterans benefits are being cut. The Department of Veterans Affairs told the news source that there is not enough medical evidence to support the need for these dogs. This new rule will start October 5, according to ABC News

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Veterans in Chicago face longer waits for benefits

Veterans benefits are one thing that should be extremely easy to get for those who have served our country, but a report by the Center for Investigative Reporting finds that the average wait time for veterans in rural areas tend to have their benefits granted much quicker than those in big cities. Time Magazine pointed out that vets in cities like Chicago, Indianapolis, Los Angeles and New York face long waits.

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