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Social Security Disability Claims: Understanding the Financial and Legal Requirements

Social Security Disability AttorneyGetting access to Social Security disability (SSDI) benefits can be challenging. In fact, the Social Security Administration (SSA) reports that nearly 60 percent of disability claims are denied — with about half of denials being for ‘technical’ reasons and the other half being for ‘medical’ reasons.

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3 Tips to Improve the Approval Chances of Your VA Disability Claim

Social Security Disability LawyerObtaining VA benefits can often be a frustrating experience. There are many VA claims that are not approved due to common mistakes, such as filing out the application form incorrectly, not providing appropriate evidence of the medical symptoms and missing deadlines. Here are three key tips to improve the approval chances of your VA disability claim.

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4 Factors That Can Reduce Your Social Security Benefits

Harold W. Conick & Associates_1_Social Security Claim _March2019In the United States, social security is a system in place which provides disability, retirement, and survivor’s insurance benefits to workers and their families. This program is administered by Social Security Administration, which collected around $20.9 trillion since its inception and paid out $18.0 trillion at the end of 2017, leaving reserves of $2.9 trillion. While most people receive full disability benefits, there are 4 factors, which can lower the amount or, in some cases, result in discontinuation of social security benefits.

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Unwarranted Reexaminations Required by the VA

Social Security Disability AttorneyVeterans are an important part of our society. They remind us of U.S soldiers who went to fight a war for their country but did not come back to their home alive. Veterans fought for our freedom, our independence, and our country. Therefore, it is only fair that they should not have to face unnecessary difficulties and complications to obtain the benefits they deserve for putting their lives at stake for our country.

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Can Hiring A Social Security Disability Lawyer Expedite Your Process?

Social Security Disability AttorneyThe 2016 Annual Statistical Report on Social Security Disability Insurance Program revealed that around 10.2 million people in the U.S. were provided with social security disability insurance (SSDI) per annum. SSDI pays a monthly benefit to individuals who became disabled before their retirement age and are unable to work. However, there are some other prerequisites for obtaining SSDI benefits besides disability. For instance, an individual must have worked for a certain number of years in a job and paid their social security taxes, otherwise, they may be selected for supplemental security income (SSI).

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Applying for Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability AttorneyWith a denial rate of around 65%, social security and disability claims seem quite difficult to file successfully. The statistics might discourage many people who are genuinely eligible for the benefits under this federal insurance program. It is important to realize and understand the factors behind the exceptionally high denial rate for SSDI program. One of the major factors is the lack of awareness of how to apply for SSDI which results in improper or inadequately filed applications which have a greater chance of being rejected or denied.

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