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Vision loss can net disability benefits

Suffering from blindness or lack of vision can severely impair a person’s ability to find work, make money and manage their life. People who are having an especially hard time may want to apply for Social Security disability benefits, as it may help get them back on their feet. Those who want to qualify for benefits must be able to prove via medical records that they have a loss of peripheral field contraction, visual efficiency and visual acuity.

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More than a half-million veterans claims remain in backlog

The process of procuring veterans disability benefits can be long and arduous, as The Christian Science Monitor reports that there are more than 500,000 people who have claims in the backlog. While Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki promises this backlog will end by 2015, veterans will still need help to receive their benefits in many cases.

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Disability benefits available for mental illness

Many Americans suffer from mental illness, but they don’t have to fight it without help. Social Security disability benefits can be received to help make up for money lost by an inability to work or perform tasks as normal. PsychCentral said in many patients, their illness can prevent them from properly filling out an application for benefits, so help should be sought to ensure approval is a possibility.

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