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Fighting for autism disability benefits

Even if a child, teen or adult is able to function with Autism, it may still be severely debilitating in life. The Social Security Administration offers disability benefits to many individuals affected by this disease, as financial assistance may be useful for families who struggle with medical costs.

The SSA correctly notes on its website that there are differences for applying in children and adults, as there are disorders found in younger applicants that do not cause the same problems in adults.

“For example, findings such as separation anxiety, failure to mold or bond with the parents, or withdrawal may serve as findings comparable to findings that mark mental disorders in adults,” the SSA said. “The activities appropriate to children, such as learning, growing, playing, maturing, and school adjustment, are also different from the activities appropriate to the adult and vary widely in the different childhood stages.”

In order to qualify as a child, the SSA requires deficits in development or reciprocal social interaction, difficulty with verbal and nonverbal communication, a lack of imaginative activity and a restrictive lot of interests and activities. Families should be keeping up with doctors to ensure there will be plenty of medical records to bring to court to show a professional opinion on the child’s case.

The Law Offices of Harold W. Conick and Associates are experts in successfully representing children and young adults in front of the Social Security Administration. The medical and educational evidence of a case must support either one extreme and/or two marked limitations within the various domains of activities of daily life. This is essential to proving a child’s disability case. In many cases, it is often not clear if this standard is met; therefore, it is imperative to retain experienced counsel to prevail.