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Congressman goes off on Veterans disability benefits

With the backlog for veterans’ disability seemingly growing larger by the day, the House Veterans Affairs Committee held a meeting on the growing backlog before the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, according to the New York Times. The meeting turned a bit contentious, the source said, after Representative Bob Filner, a Democrat from California, voiced his opinion.

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Congress needs to vote to keep Social Security disability alive

Unless Congress takes action soon, Social Security disability could be insolvent in four years, according to a report from Bloomberg. Those with disability qualifying conditions in desperate need of money could be severely harmed by this happening, as many of these people are using these payments to stay afloat with a disease, illness or condition.

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Denying Social Security benefits can lead to homelessness

When people with disability qualifying benefits are denied by the Social Security Administration, there could be dire consequences, according to a new report. The National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty’s report said disability payments are critical to people who have these problems, but while 40 percent are most likely due these payments, only 14 percent receive them. This can end up being trouble for someone who is deserving of this money.

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