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How Much Can I Receive for VA Disability?

Are you a veteran with a service-connected disability and an “other than dishonorable” discharge from the military? If so, you may be entitled to tax-free disability compensation in the form of a monthly payment. This raises an important question: How much do disabled veterans get in monthly benefits? The answer depends on a number of different factors. Harold W. Conick, our Chicago VA disability attorney explains how VA disability benefits are calculated. Continue reading “How Much Can I Receive for VA Disability?”

What Are the Easiest Things to Claim For VA Disability?

Veterans' Disability AttorneyMilitary service veterans have made enormous sacrifices for our country. There are veterans in nearly every community. According to official U.S. government data, there are approximately 720,000 veterans in Illinois and another 415,000 in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, many veterans are dealing with disabilities or medical impairments related to their military service.

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A Brief Introduction to Veteran’s Disability in Illinois

Veteran's Disability AttorneyA report by Statista shows that there are over 18 million veterans in the United States. Every state has a provision of several benefits for these brave men who fought for their country and Illinois is no exception. Under the State Department of Veteran Affairs, there are certain benefits available for veterans including education, scholarships, employment, grants, housing, compensation and burial benefits to name a few. Moreover, they are also entitled to pension, healthcare service, home loans, and life insurance, among other benefits, under federal veteran administration and assistance programs. Let’s briefly discuss few of the benefits that are available to disabled veterans:

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Get Relief in Illinois if You Qualify for Veterans’ Disability Benefits

Veterans Disability AttorneyDisabled veterans may suffer from hardship. The state of Illinois is home to an amazing community of gallant veterans who have served our nation. There are four veteran facilities in the state, which provide excellent care services to veterans. You can get these services if you have served for more than a day in the military. They can get the ideal relief for their hardships, especially if they seek the advice of an experienced veterans’ disability lawyer. Here, we describe the details of the disability benefits for veterans.

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