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Nerve disorders can qualify for Social Security disability

Brain and nervous disorder problems can easily alter lives. The able bodied can quickly turn into a shell of their former self after being hit with a disease such as multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease, or epilepsy. While many of these problems carry no easy fixes with them, those who suffer can apply for Social Security disability to help them live their lives without drowning in debt.

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Fibromyalgia diagnosis hard to pin down

One disorder has been affecting women across the world, but many do not know what it is for a long time. The Times-Herald record got a question from one reader about Fibromyalgia and Fred Cicetti, healthcare writer and author of How to Be a Healthy Geezer, said it is not an easy disease to diagnose, as doctors must rely on symptoms. For this reason, it may be hard to immediately get Social Security disability benefits and a skilled attorney may be needed to assist.

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Many veterans have long waits for their benefits

Whether they have been home for just a few days or a few decades, many who have battled for this country are finding a wait when they go to get their veterans benefits. The New York Times reports that last year, veterans filed for more than 1.3 million claims, which is double the number of 2001. While the Department of Veterans Affairs added 4,000 new workers since 2008, the agency completed less than 80 percent of its inventory, not keeping its same pace, the news source said.

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Report may mean stricter Social Security disability process

While there are many people in the United States and in the Chicagoland area who desperately need Social Security disability benefits to survive, there are people who have taken advantage of the system due to relaxed oversight. According to a Senate subcommittee report, which was spearheaded by one Oklahoma senator, more than a quarter of disability claims are approved despite conflicting or inadequate information. This may mean the screws will be tightened on the disability benefit process.

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