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Many veterans have long waits for their benefits

Whether they have been home for just a few days or a few decades, many who have battled for this country are finding a wait when they go to get their veterans benefits. The New York Times reports that last year, veterans filed for more than 1.3 million claims, which is double the number of 2001. While the Department of Veterans Affairs added 4,000 new workers since 2008, the agency completed less than 80 percent of its inventory, not keeping its same pace, the news source said.

“We’re not gaining any ground here,” Eric K. Shinseki, the secretary of veterans affairs, said to the Times, but added that they are trying to fix this problem now.

The New York Times said while the survival rate of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan has been higher than previous wars, there are more disorders than ever. Troops stationed in these countries have nearly 10 disorders each. This is compared with six for Vietnam veterans and four for those in World War II, which makes these claims more complex to process. This may add to the backlog, along with the fact that nearly half of these veterans are filing for benefits. This is about double the usual rate, the source said.

Although veterans can expect a long wait for justice from the VA, the Law Offices of Harold W. Conick and Associates is committed to helping veterans expedite the claim process by all means possible in order to obtain a decision from VA.