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More conditions added to fast track by SSA

For those with more serious conditions that need attention quickly, the Social Security Administration announced earlier this month that they have placed 35 more medical conditions to the list of “Compassionate Allowances.” These are serious diseases and medical conditions which allows for quicker consideration for those who believe they have conditions that warrant benefits quickly. The SSA said that means there are now 200 of the most serious conditions on this fast track.

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Disabled may be discriminated against more often

Dealing with trying to collect disability benefits from the Social Security Administration and living with a handicap is hard enough, but according to a recent report from the National Council on Disability, there may be another big problem. The council said disabled parents are more likely to lose their children due to discrimination, with as many as 80 people with intellectual or psychological disabilities lose custody of their children, something which the NCD said may be due to a lack of understanding of these disabilities.

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Veteran disability backlog, wait time grows larger

Although there have been promises by the United States Department of Veterans Association to shrink the amount of backlog claims that are building up, NBC News is reporting that the average wait time has grown grown larger. Currently, the news source is saying that the wait is 262 days, or about nine months. The VA’s benefits-aspiration page shows that the process time was 223 days in October 2011, 246 days in April 2012 and 260 days in August.

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More premature babies surviving; may mean more disabled in future

Although more premature babies are surviving today than ever before, Reuters is reporting that a group of doctors has said that not much progress has been made in improving the long-term health of these children who are born “extremely premature.” This will likely mean that the amount of people looking to qualify for Social Security disability benefits will be on the rise as the years go on.

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