Social Security Disability Attorney Chicago, IL

Harold W. Conick & Associates Ltd. is concentrated on Social Security Disability Law, and we will provide you with full service throughout the entire Social Security disability process regardless of the level of your appeal. We are tough advocates who fight for our clients rights.

  • From the very beginning of your representation with us, we analyze and clearly present the issues and supporting facts surrounding your case to the Social Security Administration.
  • We review your case and ascertain what type of additional evidence or action is required. Your medical records are the most important documents you have in proving your case. It may be necessary to have your doctor’s give written opinions as to the extent of your disability and provide important aspects which is vital to establishing your disability.
  • We will assist you in reviewing and understanding the various forms which will be sent to you by the Social Security Administration adjudicator. These forms need to be filled out very carefully. Accurate and complete answers provided by you will help expedite a decision in your case.
  • We closely track the status and progress of your case while it is pending with the Social Security Administration. We will closely monitor your case as it progresses through the SSA appeals process to help you get a favorable decision.
  • Our experienced staff will research the Social Security Regulations and Rulings which we believe are appropriate and applicable to your particular case. We will present written arguments to the Social Security Administration on your behalf to help support your disability claim.
  • When your hearing date is set we will consult with you directly and prepare you for your appearance before the Administrative Law Judge. It is crucial to have you prepared properly for this next very important step in the SSA process. With well over 25 years in the SSA disability practice, Harold W. Conick & Associates Ltd. are well experienced and equipped in advising their clients what to anticipate and expect at the hearing, and what the important facts are to the Administrative Law Judge assigned to your case, etc.
  • We will cross examine any witnesses at your hearing in an effort to fully support your testimony. We present and argue your case before the assigned Administrative Law Judge.
  • We will take care of all aspects of preparing your appeal, should it be required. It is not unheard of that the Social Security Administration may deny a claim several times.
  • If it is necessary to appeal an unfavorable decision to Federal Court, we are available to do so.

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