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If you are eligible for receiving Social Security disability (SSD) or veterans’ disability benefits but are having trouble in filing a claim with the Social Security Administration (SSA) or the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, you are not alone. Most people are unable to understand the extensive claim requirements laid down by the regulatory bodies, and end up making errors in their application, resulting in a denial of benefits. If you want to file a Social Security disability or veterans’ disability claim or your application has been denied, you should seek the legal counsel of an experienced disability attorney to help you with the complex process.

How Our Downers Grove Attorney can Help You

At Harold W. Conick & Associates Ltd., we assist clients in obtaining Social Security disability and veterans’ disability benefits in Downer Grove and surrounding areas of Illinois. During our 30 years of legal practice in the area, we have handled cases of all dimensions, from simple filing the application to taking the case to the Appeals Council for further review. Our mission is to diligently fight to protect the rights and interests of our clients in appeals and administrative hearings and get favorable results.

What Happens When You File a Social Security Disability Claim?

The SSA sends your application to a state disability determination agency. It works to collect information regarding your condition, work history, and other aspects to make an initial determination of your Social Security disability claim. An adjudicator is then assigned to overlook your case. They will send you several forms to obtain details about your problems and activities and arrange an appointment with an independent medical examiner for your checkup. The adjudicator will get medical records, as well as ask your doctor to provide a report. Based on the results, it is determined whether your application should be approved to receive SSD benefits.

If your application is denied, you can make a Request for Reconsideration. This request is sent to the same state disability determination agency, but a different adjudicator is assigned to your case. If your claim is again denied, a request for a hearing may then be filed, where your case will be presented before an Administrative Law Judge. If your claim is denied by the Administrative Law Judge, you can request for review to the Appeals Council.

When you hire Harold W. Conick & Associates Ltd. to represent your case, our attorney will work closely with you and help you navigate through the entire legal process. Whether your claim has been denied by the SSA or the Administrative Law Judge, we can considerably improve your chances of availing the SSD benefits that you rightfully deserve.

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