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Children’s Disability Claims, Childhood Domains, and Mental Illness
Posted September 23, 2020

Social Security Disability Attorney Does your child have a disability? If so, your family may be entitled to receive financial support through a Social Security disability claim. Child disability claims are notoriously complex. We want to make sure every family has the tools, information, and resources they need to navigate the claims process. Here, attorney Harold W. Conick provide an overview of the most important things parents should know about children’s disability claims, childhood domains, and mental health disorders.


Social Security Disability: What is a Vocational Adjustment?
Posted August 19, 2020

Social Security Disability AttorneyBefore you qualify for Social Security disability benefits, the SSA must determine you are no longer capable of doing the work you previously did and that you cannot reasonably be expected to be re-trained into a new position.


Did You Get a Notice of Social Security Disability Overpayment? Here is What You Should Know
Posted July 22, 2020

Social Security Disability AttorneyIf you recently received a Notice of Overpayment for your SSDI benefits, it is normal to be confused, stressed out, and frustrated. You need to know how to protect your rights. As the Social Security Administration (SSA) explains, the concept of an ‘overpayment’ is relatively straightforward: The agency thinks, for whatever reason, you received more money than you should have been paid.


Social Security Disability Claims: What it Means to ‘Equal a Listing’
Posted June 17, 2020

Social Security Disability AttorneyThe Social Security Administration (SSA) has a ‘Blue Book,’ which lists the impairments that qualify for disability benefits. Of course, not everyone’s illness or medical condition fits perfectly in a box. This raises an important question: What happens if you have a disability or medical condition that does not quite fit with Social Security’s list?