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Forbes calls proposed VA rule ‘attack’ on veterans, families
Posted March 17, 2015

A new proposed rule from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is being called an “attack” on veterans and their families by Forbes. Alesha Ebeling writes on Forbes’ website that this rule attempts to prevent people from giving away their assets and applying for veterans benefits, but she notes that veterans believe this may cause harm by making a difficult process even harder and more arduous.


VA whistleblowers say many troops claims end up ignored
Posted March 03, 2015

For years, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has been inundated by a large backlog of troops coming home looking for veterans benefits. With a high number of veterans waiting, the local CBS affiliate in San Francisco reported some shocking news this month: Thousands of claims filed between 1996 and 2009 were put into a file cabinet and ignored until 2012.


Medicaid, mental health heavily cut from newly elected Illinois governor’s budget
Posted February 26, 2015

Newly elected Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner announced his budget earlier this month and it contains some cuts that could severely impact those who rely on disability benefits.


US needs better coordination of mental healthcare programs
Posted February 18, 2015

Anyone who has seen a family member or friend suffer through mental health problems can likely tell you: we, as a country, need to do better in ensuring people get the proper mental healthcare treatment.