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A Brief Introduction to Veteran’s Disability in Illinois

Veteran's Disability AttorneyA report by Statista shows that there are over 18 million veterans in the United States. Every state has a provision of several benefits for these brave men who fought for their country and Illinois is no exception. Under the State Department of Veteran Affairs, there are certain benefits available for veterans including education, scholarships, employment, grants, housing, compensation and burial benefits to name a few. Moreover, they are also entitled to pension, healthcare service, home loans, and life insurance, among other benefits, under federal veteran administration and assistance programs. Let’s briefly discuss few of the benefits that are available to disabled veterans:

Disability and life insurance benefits

Veterans who have sustained injuries or trauma, which resulted in a disability are eligible to apply for federal disability pay in Illinois. This may include dependency and indemnity compensation or special monthly compensation, and in some cases, general compensation may suffice. Furthermore, they may also qualify for life insurance for themselves and their family under the Service-Disabled Veterans’ Insurance program.

Pension benefits for veterans in Illinois

A veteran may also receive pension benefits in Illinois if they need financial assistance and meet eligibility requirements, including but not limited to age and disability. There are two main programs pertaining to a pension that are available for Illinois veterans including Aid and Attendance program and Housebound payments.

Housing benefits

Disabled veterans in need of skilled nursing care qualify for Illinois housing benefits. However, they may have to pass background checks conducted by state police and the state Department of Corrections. They may also be eligible to receive Disabled Vets Standard Homestead Exemptions.

License Plates and Parking Benefits

Veterans who can prove 100 percent service-connected disability or declared eligible for funds for the purchase of a vehicle may qualify for a free special license. Moreover, their vehicles are provided special registration plates which are exempt for any statute or ordinance which imposes a time limitation on parking in areas including business districts or other facilities.

How can a veteran’s disability lawyer help you?

The above-mentioned are only a few of many benefits available for disabled veterans in Illinois. There are many other provisions and aid programs available, which can improve their quality of life. However, there are many technicalities and considerations that must be addressed to obtain benefits from these programs. Therefore, it can be highly beneficial for your disability claim to hire an experienced and skillful veteran’s disability lawyer.

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