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Congressman goes off on Veterans disability benefits

With the backlog for veterans’ disability seemingly growing larger by the day, the House Veterans Affairs Committee held a meeting on the growing backlog before the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, according to the New York Times. The meeting turned a bit contentious, the source said, after Representative Bob Filner, a Democrat from California, voiced his opinion.

Filner said he wanted to see the government “break this cycle of unproductively and deliver the benefits that V.A. was created to provide.” He added at the end of this, in a sarcastic voice, according to the Times; “Well, here we are again.”

According to the news source, FIlner had his first hearing on the backlog 20 years ago. Since then, it has moved to 900,000 pending claims. He said the Veterans Benefits Administration had done little more than to “recycle programs.” He accused groups to be wooed into “playing” the Department of Veterans Affairs games and he said he wanted to either blow up or break what he called a “stupid system.”

VA’s unwillingness to resolve the backlog is in effect, a denial of benefits for veterans. As the old saying goes; “justice delayed is justice denied.” In order for the backlog to be cleared, there has to be the resolve to do so at the highest level of VA. The continued failure to address this issue is simply an unacceptable way to deal with our veterans who are entitled to their benefits. The law offices of Harold W. Conick and Associates is committed to advancing its clients through the system as quickly as possible.