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Disability benefits available for mental illness

Many Americans suffer from mental illness, but they don’t have to fight it without help. Social Security disability benefits can be received to help make up for money lost by an inability to work or perform tasks as normal. PsychCentral said in many patients, their illness can prevent them from properly filling out an application for benefits, so help should be sought to ensure approval is a possibility.

“As with any SSDI claim, it’s also important to create a financial plan, apply early and be persistent,” the website said. The long wait for benefits can mean lost savings and even lost homes.”

According to NPR, mental illnesses make up 19.2 percent of the Social Security disability claims that are awarded. Two thirds of children who receive benefits have been diagnosed with mental or intellectual problems. PsychCentral said it is important to seek help with these claims, as it can be stressful to file for disability if there are already mental issues present.

The Law Office of Harold W. Conick and Associates are experts in successfully presenting claims involving mental illness. It is important, whether the claim involves a child or adult, to obtain all the medical records supportive of the mental condition the claimant suffers from. Furthermore, consistent visits to the mental health providers documenting the condition are essential to obtaining approval of Social Security disability benefits.