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Is There A Minimum Age To Receive Social Security Disability?

People in any age group can have a disability and want to get Social Security Disability (SSDI) benefits. However, the Social Security Administration (SSA) will look carefully at the applicant’s age when deciding.

If you are disabled and are interested in Social Security Disability benefits, learn important information below about age and other factors. Next, contact our Illinois Social Security disability lawyers for assistance with your disability case.

What Is Social Security Disability?

SSDI is designed to support people who have a disability and have worked before. There is a difference between SSDI and Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

SSI is determined based on age, disability, and lack of income. SSDI is only based on work credits and disability.

Also, most states state that an SSI recipient can get health insurance through Medicaid. But people on SSDI get Medicare after 24 months.

How Does The Social Security Administration Define Disability?

SSA has a strict definition of disability. It relates to how well you can work and how long you will be disabled. To qualify, you are required to provide your medical records to show that you need disability benefits. However, if yours is a partial or short-term disability, you cannot qualify.

The Disability Determination Process

SSA has established age categories to help decide who gets disability benefits. For example, people aged 18 to 44 are considered young, and those between 45 and 49 are classified as younger.

Those from 50 to 54 are considered near advanced age, and 55 and older are advanced age. People from 60 to 65 are nearing retirement age.


The Social Security Administration considers your age when deciding if you qualify for disability benefits. It also finds your level of physical function, education, and type of work.

Further, SSA usually says that advanced age limits your ability to find different occupations. So, being older can help you qualify for Social Security disability.

If you are between 50 and 54, the rules are more favorable for you to qualify. In addition, if you are limited to work that is sedentary and possess limited skills, the odds of approval are higher.

How Does Age Affect Disability Benefits?

When you are 55 or older, your odds of getting benefits go up. You could get a disability even with a high school diploma if you are this age and have limited job skills.

Therefore, people 55 and older are more likely to be approved. Of course, people of any age can be approved for benefits, but there is no question that being older helps.

Contact Our Social Security Disability Lawyers

If you are injured and disabled, earning a living can be challenging. That is why you should see if you can get Social Security disability benefits. However, trying to get benefits on your own through the Social Security Administration is daunting. A Social Security disability attorney can help.

Our Social Security disability lawyers serve the greater Chicago metropolitan and central Midwest including Northern Illinois and Indiana and Southern Wisconsin. Please contact us today for a complimentary consultation.