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Do I Have to Reapply for Social Security Disability if I Move to Another State?

Social Security Disability BenefitsIt is not uncommon to relocate to another state. According to comprehensive data from The New York Times, nearly 40 percent of people who currently live in Illinois were born outside of the state. Moving to a new state can be a logistical challenge. You may have to update a lot of documents — from changing your voter registration to applying for a new driver’s license.

This raises an important question: Do you have to re-apply for Social Security disability benefits when you relocate to a new state? The answer is ‘no’—but you should make sure that the SSA has the correct contact information on file. Here, Social Security disability attorney Harold W. Conick explains what you should know about SSDI benefits and SSI benefits and moving to another state.

Good News: You Do Not Have to Re-Apply for Social Security Disability Benefits

There is a state-level role in the Social Security disability claims process. As explained by the Social Security Administration (SSA), most claims are first processed through local offices and state-based agencies known as disability determination services (DDS). That being said, any state-based DDS or agency that helps process Social Security disability claims is fully federally funded.

Among other things, this means that you do not have to re-apply for Social Security disability benefits if you move to another state. The standards are supposed to be consistent across the country. If you are receiving SSDI benefits or SSI benefits, you have every right to relocate to another state without automatically losing your right to disability support.

Important Caveat: If you are receiving state-based financial benefits related to your Social Security disability benefits — such as a state-based SSI supplement — that income could be affected by a relocation to another jurisdiction.

You Must Ensure that Your Information With the SSA is Fully Up-to-Date

Your Social Security disability approval carries over to another state. However, if you are moving to Illinois or you are leaving Illinois, it is best practice to reach out to the SSA to make sure that the information that the agency has on file is fully up-to-date. Here is the general rule:

  • If you are receiving Social Security disability benefits, you should notify the SSA regarding any change of address.

The sooner you reach out to the SSA to update your information, the better. The absolute last thing you want to deal with is a delay, denial, or other issue accessing your Social Security disability benefits because the SSA does not have accurate information on file.

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