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People with mental illness can get help

While it may not be easy living with mental illness, people who have diseases such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder can get help from by applying for benefits with the Social Security Administration. Whether in the Chicagoland area or anywhere in the country, people with these disability qualifying conditions should look to apply with the SSA for some help.

Matthew Rutledge, a research economist at Boston College, told the New York Post that 43
percent of those who file with the Social Security Administration for disability payments do so due to mental illness.

“It could be because their health really is getting worse from the stress of being out of work,” Rutledge, told the news source, adding that it could also just be a safety net for those who are out of work. This is unlikely, as Social Security Administration judges are not likely to approve someone who claims to have a mental illness without multiple claims and records to back them up.

An important thing to remember about applying for disability from the SSA is that a judge will need to see limitations and that the claimant does not have the ability to do their job as they normally could.

In a Social Security case for mental illness, it is critical to have all treatment records and doctor reports be submitted to the SSA. Additionally, it is often necessary to secure medical reports from treating doctors which address the functional limitations suffered by the claimant as a result of their mental impairments.

The law offices of Harold W. Conick and Associates are experts in securing the necessary medical reports that will help convince the SSA judges that a claimant is entitled to disability benefits.