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Four Reasons Why Disability Claims Get Denied
Posted February 13, 2019

There are millions of applications filed for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits in the United States, out of which only 30% are approved by the Social Security Administration. There are numerous reasons for the rejection which may greatly vary from one case to another.


Why Should You Hire A Social Security Lawyer?
Posted January 15, 2019

Social Security Disability AttorneyIn the United States, Social Security Administration (SSA) facilitates individuals who are suffering from a disability, provided that they are able to demonstrate that they are disabled by medical or some other form of evidence to the Social Security representatives. There are specific requirements set for the different types of impairment, all of which must validate that individual is unable to work for at least a year.


Disability for Children: How A Child Is Deemed Disabled
Posted December 06, 2018

Children's Disability AttorneyIn the United States, the Social Security Administration (SSA) primarily uses two ways to determine child disability. One is through the comparison of a child’s condition to the listings of childhood disability and another is by conducting an assessment of the child’s limitation.


Unwarranted Reexaminations Required by the VA
Posted November 12, 2018

Social Security Disability AttorneyVeterans are an important part of our society. They remind us of U.S soldiers who went to fight a war for their country but did not come back to their home alive. Veterans fought for our freedom, our independence, and our country. Therefore, it is only fair that they should not have to face unnecessary difficulties and complications to obtain the benefits they deserve for putting their lives at stake for our country.


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