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3 Common Mistakes People Make While Applying for SSDI
Posted April 17, 2018

Social Security Disability AttorneyAnnually, almost 3 million people apply for the Social Security Disability Insurance program. On an average, only 35% of these applications are accepted while a whopping 65% are rejected due to several reasons. Some of the applications are rejected because the people applying do not meet the eligibility criteria, while most are denied due to errors made during the application process by the applicants. Due to their complex and arduous nature, SSDI applications are quite difficult to fill out without proper guidance.

Therefore, applicants tend to seek the advice of reputable social security disability lawyers while filling out their SSDI applications. Some of the most common mistakes people make while applying for the aforementioned federal insurance program:

  1. Applying too soon – Rookie Mistake

One of the most common mistakes people make is applying too early. The eligibility criteria for the social security and disability stipulates that the person in question should have been disabled for a minimum of 12 months. By applying sooner than 12 months, it becomes extremely difficult to prove that your disability is permanent or would last for an exceptionally long-term, leading to rejections.

  1. Failure to follow prescribed treatment plans

Another common mistake people make is failing to follow the prescribed medical treatment(s), which could potentially improve their health. More often people also decide to neglect medical advice, believing that the treatment might decrease the severity of their disability and hence make them ineligible for disability benefits. A social security examiner tends to review your medical treatment history before accepting or denying your claim. Therefore, if the examiner finds that you have not utilized all possible treatments suggested by your doctor; your application would be denied.

  1. Not providing evidence of disability themselves

A common misbelief among applicants is that the consultative examination conducted by the SSDI administration would provide ample evidence to substantiate their claims. Unfortunately, that is not the case. The sole purpose of the examination conducted by the SSDI administration is to prove or disapprove the medical evidence presented by you along with your application. In order to build a solid and undeniable claim, you must be able to provide medical evidence regarding your disability and its severity yourself.

If you wish to seek further information about this subject or discuss your SSDI application with a social security disability lawyer, contact the offices of Harold W. Conick & Associates at (800) 608-8881 to schedule a free consultation.

How Can a Social Security Disability Lawyer Help You?
Posted March 14, 2018

Social Security Disability AttorneyThere are a lot of ways a lawyer can help you speed up the extensive Social Security Disability application process. A qualified social security disability attorney will employ his experience to ensure that you get a decision on your claim faster.

Getting Approved in the First Round

You can get Social Security Disability Benefits much faster if your original application gets approved since an appeal can take over a year. For this reason, a social security disability lawyer can prove to be really valuable, as they are aware of what the Social Security office is looking for and can ensure that your initial application gets approved. A lawyer representing you can:

  • Complete your application so that it proves you are eligible for the benefits or are unable to hold down a stable job due to your disability.

  • Collect appropriate medical data to validate the medical impairment claims you are making in the application.

  • Ask for help from your doctor to support your case.

  • Notify Social Security if your illness is terminal so that your case receives expedited treatment.

Generally, a lawyer will only accept your case at this point if they think you have a good possibility of winning.

OTR Decision

If your initial application does not get approved, your next step should be to get an OTR (On the Record) review. A lawyer can handle the OTR decision by:

  • Writing a detailed brief that highlights why you are eligible to receive the benefits and how it meets the criteria set by Social Security.

  • Collecting any new medical records or gathering information from your doctor called for by the Social Security.

  • Asking the Attorney Adjudicator about the specific merits of your situation or negotiating your disability onset date.

ALJ Hearing Stage

If your claim doesn’t get approved even after the OTR review, your case will be directed to a hearing. If you want to apply for SSI but are facing financial problems, a lawyer can help you get your hearing scheduled sooner by writing a dire need letter for you. A social security disability lawyer can increase your possibility of winning the appeal at the hearing by:

  • Preparing you with answers to question that may get asked at the hearing so that you are able to clearly communicate the details of your illness and how it limits you to the ALJ.

  • Helping you select the witnesses and prepare them so they are able to give the appropriate responses at the hearing.

While you cannot magically speed up the process, a lawyer can increase the possibility of your application getting approved at an earlier stage. Contact Harold W. Conick & Associates Ltd. today at (800) 608-8881 to schedule a consultation with our Social Security disability attorney.

Obtaining Social Security Disability with Legal Representation
Posted February 13, 2018

Social Security Disability AttorneyThere are two Federal programs available for people with disabilities. The first is the social security program and the second is the supplemental security income disability program. Both programs are governed by the Social Security Administration (SSA) and provide compensation benefits for people who meet specific medical criteria. Hiring a social security disability lawyer will ensure that you can successfully achieve these social benefits in an ideal manner.

Seeking legal representation ensures that your case will follow a standardized pattern giving an enhanced chance of successfully obtaining the social security disability income. Here are a few steps along the way:

Step 1

When you seek an experienced social security lawyer, they first analyze the details of your case. They observe the support facts and make sure that you have a strong case for representing to SSA.

Step 2

The second step is obtaining social security disability is reviewing your case and filling out the forms that you receive from the SSA’s adjudicator. Your lawyer can help you go through steps such as obtaining written reports from your doctors that explain your disability. At this point, you need to explain the aspects that establish and prove your disability. Including the right answers will ensure that you can receive a decision in positive in a swift manner.

Step 3

Hiring a social security lawyer ensures that you present written arguments and track the progress of your case on a regular basis. This allows you to maximize your chances of obtaining a favorable decision from the adjudicator.

There are various social security rulings that are applicable to your case and support it. Your legal representative will research and find them. They will then use written arguments that present these facts to the Social Security Administration. This will improve your disability claim and often mean that you will expedite the claim process.

Step 4

The case for social security is presented to an Administrative Law Judge. The judge will set up a case and call you to make an appearance. Your social security lawyer will inform you of this hearing and help you prepare to answer the questions and learn what to expect from the judge. The attorney will also ensure that your message is properly delivered to the court.

Step 5

There are often witnesses that are important for supporting your disability based testimony in front of the judge. Your social security lawyer will ensure that all witnesses are cross-examined, and the facts of your disability are properly established in front of the judge. There are times when an appeal may be required as well. For instance, in case you don’t receive a positive decision from the court. Your lawyer will help you appeal an unfavorable decision to ensure that you can obtain the social security disability benefit that you truly deserve.

An experienced social security disability lawyer in Illinois can help you in several ways. They help you first set up your case, find you support arguments and then help you ideally win your case in the Federal Court to obtain the required compensation. Contact us today at (800) 608-8881 to schedule a consultation with our Social Security disability attorney.

Get Relief in Illinois if You Qualify for Veterans’ Disability Benefits
Posted January 08, 2018

Veterans Disability AttorneyDisabled veterans may suffer from hardship. The state of Illinois is home to an amazing community of gallant veterans who have served our nation. There are four veteran facilities in the state, which provide excellent care services to veterans. You can get these services if you have served for more than a day in the military. They can get the ideal relief for their hardships, especially if they seek the advice of an experienced veterans’ disability lawyer. Here, we describe the details of the disability benefits for veterans.

What is Veterans’ Disability Benefit?

The federal program offers veterans’ disability compensation to veterans that serve in the four branches of the military services, namely the Army, the Air Force, The Navy, and the Marines (including Coast Guard). This benefit is designed to support the veterans that suffer from a disease or an injury, which they received during active duty. The benefit also applies to veteran individuals who already have a medical condition, but was worsened due to performing active duty in the armed services.

The Eligibility

All veterans are eligible for receiving compensation for a disability; if there were honorably discharged, and their condition can be verified and attributed to their military service. The payment that they can receive depends on the severity of their condition, such as the loss of limbs. The payment may also change if veterans have dependents.

The Right Step

If you are looking for veterans’ disability benefits, then the right step is to contact a reputed veterans’ disability advocate, especially one who is accredited by the Department of Veteran Affairs. An experienced lawyer understands the requirements of the department, in order to successfully present a case for achieving the intended Veterans Claims.

As a veteran with a disability, you should immediately seek advice from a lawyer who is a member of the National Association of Veterans’ Advocates to put your case through.

Other Benefits

You can receive several other benefits as well, as part of the veterans’ compensation. You can get more information about them, when you seek advice from a veterans’ disability lawyer. You can get social security, access to special jobs for veterans and opportunities for your children to receive free education. You can even receive recreational benefits to help you lead a healthy life.

Covering Your Loss

As a veteran, you deserve to receive the premium care that you can get with the right compensation. You should clearly mention your medical needs and the amount that you need to meet your expenses. An experienced veterans’ lawyer can easily prepare your case and ensure that you receive the optimum veterans’ disability benefits in Illinois. You can benefit from this federal program, even if you move between the states, as it applies all across the country in the same manner.

Harold W. Conick & Associates Ltd has been successfully representing clients for over 30 years to get their rightful benefits. Contact us today at (800) 608-8881 to schedule a consultation with our Social Security disability attorney.

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