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The Social Security Administration Wants to Terminate My Disability Benefits: What are My Options?

Social Security Disability AttorneyIs the Social Security Administration (SSA) trying to end your disability benefits? Do you believe they are doing so in error? If so, it is crucial you take immediate action to protect your rights — you can still file an appeal, but there are strict deadlines to do so. Here, Harold W. Conick explains the most important things you need to know about saving your benefits from an unjustified termination.

The SSA Will Send a Written Letter Notifying You of Termination

Your disability benefits should not be cut off without an explanation. Pursuant to federal regulations, the Social Security Administration is required to send you written notification of its intent to terminate your disability benefits. If you have received this letter, your benefits will be terminated immediately. Once this occurs, the only way to keep receiving Social Security disability checks is to file an appeal.

Appeal an SSDI Termination: An Overview of Your Options and Deadlines

To start the appeals process, you should fill out and submit the appropriate form. When doing so, it is imperative you include any relevant supplement evidence. For example, if your disability benefits are being terminated because the SSA believes your condition has improved, an appeal should include additional medical records. In appealing the termination of disability benefits, claimants have two options:

  1. Continue Receiving Benefits During Appeal (10 Days): If you wish to continue receiving SSDI benefits while your appeal is being reviewed, you must act within ten (10) days of receiving your denial letter. Please know that choosing this option is not without its risks. The SSA can and will try to recoup any over-payment of benefits if your appeal is later denied.
  2. Appeal Without Receiving Ongoing Benefits (60 Days): If you wish to file an appeal without receiving ongoing benefits, you have 60 days to act. Be sure to submit Request for Reconsideration—Disability Cessation Right to Appear (Form SSS-789) before the statutory deadline expires. Should your appeal be successful, you may be awarded back pay for the disability benefits that you missed while the claim was pending.

Appealing an SSDI termination of benefits is complicated. You are not alone. If you got a cessation of benefits letter in the mail, you should contact an experienced disability lawyer as soon as possible. A lawyer will be able to review the specific circumstances of your case and help you take the right action to protect your rights and interests.

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