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Scientists look into ways to slow Autism, disabilities

For children and adults with serious cases of Autism, the disability benefits may be able to be procured from Social Security Administration due to the nature of the disorder. However, scientists are looking into ways where those affected may not have to feel as helpless, according to Science Codex.

The website said these disorders are marked by mutations that impair signaling between neurons. In the November 9 issue of the medical journal called The Cell, scientists said findings that mutations cause key brain circuits involved in learning and memory to develop to quickly and lead to deficits could mean new treatment strategies for severe forms of these neurodevelopmental disorders are on their way.

“We have provided perhaps the first evidence that acceleration of certain neural milestones is just as disruptive as delay in the same milestones,” says senior study author Gavin Rumbaugh of Scripps Florida. “These studies have far-reaching implications for how we will treat these severe forms of neurodevelopmental disorders.”

It remains to be seen what will come of these studies, but those affected by the these neurodevelopmental disorders should be heartened to see the work happening.

Autism is one of several forms of disabling conditions that children may suffer from. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Harold W. Conick and Associates are experts in successfully representing children before the SSA. In order to prove childhood disability, evidence must be presented that the child suffers either an extreme limitation in one of the childhood functional domains or suffers a marked impairment in two functional domains.Medical and school records are often the primary evidence used to prove childhood disability.