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People of all ethnicities need to keep eye on mental health

In the area of mental health, there are many Social Security disability qualifying conditions that people suffer from. With July being the National Alliance on Mental Illness sponsored National Minority Health Awareness Month, people of all ethnicities who suffer from a mental illness themselves or have family members that do should apply for Social Security benefits and seek help today.

NAMI’s Multicultural Action Center said many racial and ethnic communities have a stigma around mental illness and what may cause it, but it is something that could strike anyone at any time. There is no shame in getting help for mental illness much like there is no shame in getting help for a disease such as cancer or diabetes.

“Many Latinos who have both physical and mental healthcare needs do not access all of the resources available to them because of stigma, lack of knowledge, and oftentimes our cultural beliefs and attitudes, such as self-reliance,” said Henry Acosta, executive director of the National Resource Center for Hispanic Mental Health, according to one company working with NAMI. “These are important social safety nets in place for those in need, and we should do a better job of educating people about eligibility so they know their rights.”

The law offices of Harold W. Conick and Associates has successfully represented hundreds of clients before the Social Security Administration who have been afflicted with mental illness. Mental illness takes many forms and the symptoms can be chronic making employment impossible. Social security benefits are available to replace income lost due to disability.