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Migraines and headaches can be disability qualifying benefits

For those who experience migraines or consistent headaches, life can be extremely hard and simple tasks can become impossible. Those who have these troubles should know that migraines can be considered a disability qualifying condition by the Social Security Administration and benefits are attainable.

According to WebMD, those who suffer from chronic migraines suffer from ever-present pain throughout the day that affects the front, top and sides of the head. Pain comes and goes for prolonged periods of time and can affect vision and make someone very fatigued.

A person with migraines can be disabled at any age, old or young, and an inability to do the basic demands of work could be enough to show a judge that someone is disabled. A loss of the ability to make work-related decisions, be able to understand and carry out simple instructions and deal with work situations can ruin some one’s life; Social Security benefits could be a small way to help that person get back on their feet.

The law offices of Harold W. Conick and Associates have successfully represented numerous clients in obtaining disability benefits due to disability from migraines. It is critical to prove a client cannot work based on migraines headaches. It is also very important that the claimant have sufficient medical evidence of pain and limitations of their daily activities as a result of such pain.