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Mental health disabilities more common in children

Children now have more neurodevelopmental and mental health disabilities than they did just 10 years ago, according to new research by researchers. For families who are affected by these mental health illnesses, medical bills can be large, so they may want to look into applying for Social Security Administration benefits.

Lead researcher of the study, Dr. Amy Houtrow, vice chairwoman of pediatric rehabilitation medicine at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh, said disabilities that impair how  child operates and lives day-to-day are up 16 percent, HealthDay said. The greatest increase has been seen in richer families, although conditions such as hyperactivity disorder, autism and attention-deficit disorder seem to be behind the large increase.

Houtrow said the increase could mean there are now differences in how people get access earlier to care. As an example, she said the treatments for children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis has increased a lot over the recent years.

“For some conditions, it may be that medical care has improved so much that children may have a diagnosis but not a disability,” she said.

The Law Offices of Harold W. Conick and Associates are experts in representing children in front of Social Security Administration judges. The standard for children’s disability cases is different than adult disability cases, as children’s cases must be proven through credible evidence that the child has two marked impairments or one extreme impairment in the various domains of activities of daily living.

This includes health and well being, the ability to manipulate objects and move around, the ability to learn and the ability to interact with other children. If the evidence supports two marked or one extreme impairment in the domains, the child disability claim will be granted.