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Gland injury during concussions may worsen PTSD for veterans

The horrors of war have left many U.S. veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. Many soldiers have been forced to turn to veterans benefits, treatment and more to get the help they need to cope with life after war after experiencing concussions from bomb blasts or extreme stress. A recent study from Saint Louis University found that some veterans may not suffer from a stress disorder, but hormonal irregularities from gland damage suffered during a concussion.

The university looked at brain scans from both civilians and military servicemembers, looking at patients with concussions and those with concussions and PTSD. In both, there were vast differences in metabolic activities of the pituitary gland.

Research leader Thomas Malone said higher metabolic activity in patients with both PTSD and concussions could be due to the gland working harder, likening it to having your car stuck in the snow but not being able to move when pressing the gas pedal.

Read more about this study on the Los Angeles Times website, but also be aware that options for treatment are available. The Department of Veterans Affairs has veterans benefits available for those suffering from PTSD, as this is a severe anxiety disorder that can have multiple harmful effects on health.

The Law Offices of Harold W. Conick and Associates has represented numerous veterans suffering from PTSD. It’s very important that the veteran seek treatment of PTSD as soon as they experience symptoms. The more medical evidence that is available to prove the claim, the better chance there is to obtain an earlier approval and higher rating for veterans benefits.