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Appeal an unfavorable veterans benefits decision

For those who were not happy that they didn’t get the veterans benefits they believed they deserved or were perhaps denied altogether, the Department of Veterans Affairs has the Board of Veterans’ Appeals located in Washington, D.C. This board looks to review benefit claims decisions made by local VA offices and issue decisions on these appeals.

“These law judges, attorneys experienced in veterans law and in reviewing benefit claims, are the only ones who can issue Board decisions,” VA said on its website. “Staff attorneys, also trained in veterans law, review the facts of each appeal and assist the Board members. “

While there are pamphlets and explanations on VA’s website, it is suggested that veterans get a representative to help them with this appeal so that they can be sure they get the result they want. Even if these veterans cannot make it to Washington, a video hearing can be set up in front of the board in an effort make sure anyone who wants to appeal can do so.

The Law Offices of Harold W. Conick & Associates can assist a veteran in presenting evidence and help fortify their legal argument to the Board of Veteran’s Appeals.