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A call to modernize disability benefits

Disability benefits from the Social Security Administration can be a great way to fill in a wage gap caused by an inability to work. However, many people spend months, perhaps even years, waiting for their benefits to be approved. In this time, there is a limit to the amount of money disabled people can make, making it extremely difficult to survive.

In an editorial on the Huffington Post’s website, Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi, president of disability advocacy non-profit, wrote that this current system was meant for another era. The current system used by the SSA started back in 1956, a time when those who were disabled were in a much different light than they are today.

“But today’s system is all or nothing, and to get those vital services people with disabilities on SSI can’t have more than $2000 in liquid assets,” Mizrahi wrote. “This undermines two basic American values — hard work and savings – and promotes isolation and poverty. It victimizes people with disabilities. It traps people with low expectations, when they would rather pursue their dreams of work, savings, dignity and independence.”

While SSA disability benefits can be a tremendous help for those in need during dire times, the system is certainly in need of a few tweaks to help those with injuries, illnesses or disabilities adapt. Training, education and the ability to learn new ways of working while disabled may be helpful ways to get people off of disability benefits and into the workforce more quickly.

The Law Offices of Harold W. Conick & Associates represents clients seeking SSDI benefits as well as SSI. We are familiar with Federal disability laws know what it takes to win a case. We pride ourselves on our ability give our clients personal service while we pursue their entitlement to disability benefits.