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Veterans need to avoid benefit scams

Although veterans are serving our country and giving their lives to help protect the United States, it seems as though not everyone truly appreciates what these men and women do for the country. WLS reports that a California-based comapny used the website to steer military members to use their veterans benefits for for-profit schools.

QuinStreet Inc. marketed themselves to service members as a website endorsed by the United States military but were in fact misleading visitors with how the benefits could be used. This website is surely not alone, so veterans need to be very careful with who they trust to help with their benefits.

“This company deceptively promoted its website as an unbiased source of information for service members seeking to further their education and career prospects,” Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office said.said in a statement. “But in reality, the site was just a front to steer veterans to for-profit schools intent on siphoning GI Bill benefits rather than providing a legitimate education.”

The company must now shut down their social media accounts disclose that the schools listed are not the only ones that accept veterans benefits and must use less misleading language. They will also have to pay $2.5 million to states they operated in and turn over the website to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

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