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Veterans filing under FDC can receive retroactive benefits

Those who have served in the military are looking for veterans benefits may be able to get up to a year of retroactive disability benefits if they file a “fully developed claim,” according to the U.S. Army’s website. These benefits will be in effect August 6 through August 5, 2015 and are a result of a law passed by President Barack Obama earlier this year.

An FDC filing is likely the fastest way for vets to receive a decision on their claims as it requires all supporting evidence to be submitted with their claim right away. Working with an attorney or representative may be smart to help be sure the filing for this claim goes well the first time.

“[The] VA (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs) strongly encourages veterans to work with veterans service organizations to file fully developed claims and participate in this initiative,” said Allison Hickey, Under Secretary for Benefits. “It means more money in eligible veterans’ pockets, simply by providing VA the information it needs up front. At the same time, it helps reduce the inventory of pending claims by speeding the process.”

The Law Offices of Harold W. Conick and Associates are available to assist veterans with all of their claim file development so that benefits can be obtained at the earliest possible date.