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Veterans’ Disability Pay Increase In 2023

With inflation on the rise in recent years, any increase in veterans’ disability pay is welcome. In 2023, disabled veterans and military retirees have seen an almost 9% increase in their cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) in their benefits each month. This is the most significant increase the Department of Veteran Affairs has provided since 1981. Learn more about this news below, and speak to our Illinois VA disability lawyer at Harold W. Conick & Associates if you have legal questions.

Social Security Administration (SSA) Announced Increase In October

After another year of high US inflation, the SSA announced an 8.7% increase in benefits for veterans in October 2022. Veterans’ benefits are linked to the Social Security Administration’s cost-of-living adjustments. The increase in COLA was 5.9% in 2022. The increase for 2023 means a disabled veteran with a VA rating of 10% will see about $13 more monthly in their check. A veteran who is 100% disabled without children will get about $300 more monthly. The full table for 2023 benefits can be reviewed on the VA website.

How To Get VA Disability Benefits

If you are hurt while on active duty, you may be eligible for veterans’ disability pay. The program works similarly to workers’ compensation in the civilian world. However, getting VA disability can be more complicated than you think. If the case is not handled correctly, the claim could be denied, then you could be stuck dealing with an appeal for months or years.

The following tips increase the chances your VA disability case will be approved. It also helps to work with an Illinois VA disability lawyer from the start of your case:

Know What Is Required

To receive VA disability, you must show that you have the medical condition you claim, usually done with your physician’s diagnosis. You must also prove that the injury occurred while on active duty. Or, the condition showed up initially when you were on active duty.

You must prove that the injury and incident occurred with your service records, witness statements, media articles, and other evidence.

Do Not Make Unreasonable Claims

If you claim VA disability, ensure the condition is related to your active service. If it is not, the claim will be denied, and much time will be wasted. For example, if you were hit in a crosswalk after you left the military, do not try to claim it is service-related because the VA will find out.

The Squeaky Wheel Gets Oiled

The VA’s assignment is to help veterans with service-related conditions and disabilities, but the agency is swamped with requests. So, it is in your interest to collect as much evidence to prove your condition as possible.

Provide Evidence In Your Claim

Many disability claims are initially rejected because not enough evidence is submitted. You should provide information with the application: medical and service records, eyewitness accounts, and statements from your medical providers.

Go To Your VA Examinations

If the claim is related to service, the VA will set up a Compensation and Pension exam to judge if the injury is related to your service. Make sure you attend your exams or reschedule them if needed, or the VA will deny the claim.

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