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Veteran suffers with disability payments

Although disability qualifying benefits should be one of the last things veterans have to worry about, the harsh reality is that many have to fight for their benefits. Anthony Westbury writes on the TC Palm’s website about Sgt. Fredrick Addiss, who decided to separate from the military in 2010. He said he followed the Department of Veteran Affairs’ rules about claiming disability payments and applied six months ahead to have a smooth transition.

“Yet his life since has been anything but smooth. He’s almost gone broke trying to survive before his payments show up,” Westbury writes. Addiss served in the Army and National Guard, assigned to track down missing weapons that had been returned from Iraq, which Addiss said was a lot of mental and physical stress.

Today, Addiss said he struggles from Stage 3 degenerative arthritis in his back and osteoarthritis in most joints. He walks with a cane and said most days he can’t even walk his dog. He receives medical care from the VA, but said he still receives no financial help from the department. He has lost his cars, defaulted on credit accounts and fallen behind on child support payments, Westbury said.

The law offices of Harold W. Conick and Associates is dedicated to winning the maximum benefits available to veterans throughout the greater Chicagoland area and in Midwestern states on their claims. We realize that veterans and their families depend on us to do our very best to help secure their VA disability benefits.