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SSA needs to cut away at backlog

Many people with disability qualifying conditions could have benefits paid out by the Social Security Administration save their lives, or at the very least help keep them and their families afloat, but the SSA needs something to help cut away at the 1.8 million people in the backlog of cases.

The Social Security Administration said an average 20-year-old worker has a three-in-10 chance in becoming disabled before retirement. There was a rejection rate of three-to-one, meaning the vast majority were in need of help in their case.

According to The Federal Times, SSA requested an increase of 2 percent in their budget to $9 billion. The administration is also facing a cut of 2,000 employees, but looking to invest in video conferencing devices to hold video hearings. The agency expects to hear 960,000 cases in 2013, so new methods will be well needed.

The Law Offices of Harold W. Conick and Associates are successful in many client cases in avoiding the backlog wait for a hearing by seeking approvals on the record for clients who have sufficient medical records. Other evidence may be needed to convince the SSA to allow benefits without the necessity of a hearing before a judge.