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Social Security Administration takes a new look at fibromyalgia

Last month, the Social Security Administration put out a new ruling on fibromyalgia which sought to clarify how they look at claims for the disease, which is marked by body pain, tenderness in soft tissues, sleep problems, headaches and more. Those who suffer from this disease could very well have disability qualifying conditions for Social Security benefits.

The SSA said it browsed medical evidence to support a ruling that a person would not be able to work due to fibromyalgia and said the claimant needs to have “medically determinable impairment” in order to qualify for benefits.

“A physician’s opinion as to a patient’s limitations alone is not enough to establish a medically determinable impairment,” Disabled-World said on  the ruling. “The physician must diagnose fibromyalgia and provide the type of evidence described in the new ruling, and this information must not be inconsistent with other information in the Social Security Disability applicant’s case record.”

Two instances where this disease would most likely qualify include a history of at least three months of widespread pain and/or at least 11 positive tender points in the body.  Other disorders would have to be ruled out for a positive ruling by the SSA.

The Law Offices of Harold W. Conick and Associates has successfully represented numerous clients afflicted with fibromyalgia over the last 25 years. It is important to have sufficient medical evidence supporting the client’s inability to perform their activities of daily living. If such activities are limited by the disease, this evidence will likely be critical in demonstrating that a client can no longer be employed.