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Sharp contrast seen in people with disability benefits by area

Many people are affected by disabilities every day, but Stephan Lindler of the Urban Institute posted an interactive map on the MicroTrends Blog recently which shows that the number of people who receive disability benefits differs greatly in small regions. In Cook County, for example, 3.25 percent of the population receive disability insurance. However, drive a few hours south to Marion county and you will see that number rise north of 6 percent.

“Such sharp differences across small geographic areas are puzzling: What could explain them?” Lindler asked on the blog. “Solving that puzzle could lead to meaningful reform and policies that are more closely tailored to people’s actual needs.”

The map shows that most counties with more than 10 percent of the population receiving disability benefits from the Social Security Administration are in southern states. But how can there be such a great contrast between areas?

Lindler said the prevalence of disabilities may be higher in certain areas, economic conditions may be worse and state policies could differ. In addition to this, determination of who gets disability could be vastly different county-to-county and state-by-state. There may also be a different knowledge of how these programs work. All of this makes it essential for those applying for SSA disability benefits to hire an attorney to make sure they have the best chance of receiving benefits.

Our firm represents clients seeking SSA benefits across several states. While the judicial approaches and temperament can vary by region and hearing office, one constant that will always serve clients is a well-prepared medical file and legal argument by their legal counsel.

The Law Offices of Harold W. Conick & Associates are experts in obtaining medical evidence and presenting persuasive legal arguments. This will help clients win disability cases at all levels of the disability claim process.