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Shaky economy may cause disability increase

When the economy get works, those filing for and getting Social Security Administration disability benefits seems to rise. A recent paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research said the answer isn’t obvious for this happens, but there are many possibilities.

There may be many Americans who keep working despite their disability and fight through it until they lose their job. Perhaps it is easier for people with moderate disabilities to get benefits with fewer jobs. Another possibility the paper brought up is that many are using disability as a “safety net” once unemployment runs out. However, the authors said this third option is not what is going on

Jesse Rothstein, one of the authors of the NBER report, said the issue is likely that federal disability rules reward workers that have an impairment that prevents them from working. He told the Wall Street Journal that the ability to work isn’t necessarily on its own from the labor market. Getting a job back during hard economic times becomes more difficult and businesses may be more wary of hiring someone with a disability, thereby giving the impairment a role in the inability to get new work.

The majority of workers who suffer from illness will attempt to hang onto their jobs as long as possible. However, most jobs require a level of pace and production that a disabled worker may not be able to meet due to mental or physical limitations. The Law Offices of Harold W. Conick & Associates are well experienced in winning disability benefits for their clients and. We are available to fight for clients who are entitlement to benefits.