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Severe migraine sufferers could get disability benefits

Those who are suffering from migraine headaches know all too well the debilitating agony that can seem to last for days. This could leave people going in and out of doctors offices and unable to work. Not all hope should be lost, as those with severe cases of migraine headaches may be able to qualify for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. gave some basics for how those feeling the effects of migraines might be able to get the disabilities they desperately need. First, claimants must be sure they are getting records of doctors visits and migraine treatments. The more records someone has the better off they will be when trying to convince a judge they should be awarded disability benefits. Also useful will be the names of the medications being used, the jobs held over the past decade and any tests that were performed.

The website said people should consider hiring a lawyer, especially since the wait time for approval or denial may take months, even years in some cases.

“It’s not fair, but the backlog of applications varies by location,” Diana Lee wrote on’s blog.

WebMD said there are multiple types of headaches and migraines people can suffer from, including ocular migraines, which may cause blindness, and Hemicrania Continua, which are a rare type of headache or migraine that do not stop. Money may not be everything in stopping these headaches, but it can help keep claimants on their feet while they look to treatment to help them.

Claimants should be prepared to testify about the mental and physical limitations their migraines have caused them to deal with. For instance, do they miss work or other activities due to their headaches? How often? What medical treatment have they attempted to control the migraines? How has the onset of headaches changed how they conduct their daily activities?

The Law Offices of Harold W. Conick and Associates has successfully represented numerous migraine suffering claimants before the SSA obtain their disability benefits.