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Reasons Some Disability Claims Are Denied

Does A Disability Keep You From Working?

You may be entitled to receive Social Security disability benefits. Unfortunately, many people struggle to get monthly benefits. According to data provided by the Social Security Office of Retirement and Disability Policy, only 25% of initial disability claims are approved by the SSA. Disability benefits can be denied for many reasons. In this article, our Chicago metro social Security disability lawyer highlights five of the most common reasons why SSDI and SSI disability claims are denied.

1. A Mistake in the Disability Application

A Social Security disability claim can be denied because of one of any number of different errors on an initial application for benefits. In fact, even a seemingly minor mistake—such as missing or misfiled paperwork—could impair your ability to recover benefits. While the good news is that you can appeal a disability denial and address errors during the reconsideration stage, it is crucial that you ensure that your initial application is completed properly.

2. Insufficient Medical Evidence

The SSA reports that approximately one in three Social Security disability applications is denied for medical reasons. Broadly speaking, a medical denial means that the SSA believes that you did not present sufficient evidence to support your claim for benefits. Reduce your risk of denial by providing comprehensive, well-prepared evidence with your application for benefits.

3. Your Disability is Not Expected to Ask Long Enough

Social Security disability—whether through SSDI or SSI—does not cover “short-term” disability cases. In order to qualify for disability benefits, an applicant must establish that their disability is expected to last for at least 12 months. If your disability is not expected to be severe enough for long enough, you can be denied benefits on those grounds.

4. Technical Denial: Too Much Income

Your current income will be reviewed when you file for Social Security disability benefits. If you are a non-blind individual applying for Social Security disability, the amount you earn through substantial gainful activity (SGA) each month in 2022 cannot exceed $1,350. If your monthly income is deemed to be too high to qualify, your Social Security disability claim can be denied on technical grounds.

5. Technical Denial: Not Enough Work History

To get SSDI benefits, you must have a long enough work history based on your age at the time of your application. If you did not earn enough work credits in the eyes of the SSA, then your SSDI claim may be denied on technical grounds. However, you may still qualify for needs-based SSI disability benefits without a work history.

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