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Political pressure may lead judges to deny claims; don’t give up

Even if someone has extremely damaging disability qualifying conditions, that does not guarantee approval of Social Security Administration benefits. There is growing political pressure in many circles on SSA judges to not approve benefits due to a belief that the system is failing, but claimants cannot let this get them down if they are in need of benefits. Freida Thomas, a Yahoo contributor, wrote that even after denial, people should not give up on on applying again.

“Remember that being approved for SSDI is a complicated process with several levels of reviews and requirements,” she wrote. “It takes time to determine if an applicant is truly qualified to be approved.”

Other things to consider:

  • Applicants cannot miss the appeal deadline of 60 days and should certainly appeal as quickly as possible
  • There needs to be a large amount of supporting medical evidence for a case to be approved
  • Claimants should seek the help of an attorney to be sure they are re-applying in a way that makes sense
  • Copies of all applications and forms must be kept

The SSA said nearly 11 million disabled workers receive benefits, up 7.6 million from a decade ago. Even if denied, there is still a chance for approval, it may just take some fighting.

The Law Offices of Harold W. Conick & Associates have successfully represented thousands of disabled clients over the past 30 years. It is extremely important for claimants not to become discouraged in the pursuit of their disability claim.