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New rule may help more veterans receive benefits

For Vietnam-era veterans who were not able to receive benefits due to receiving a less-than-honorable discharge, there may be hope. A new set of guidelines was released by the Defense Department earlier this month may make thousands eligible for upgrades to their veterans benefits.

This new rule examines how the first guidance to military discharge review board looks at post-traumatic stress disorder. The new guidelines from the Defense Department now give consideration to the fact that the veteran who was kicked out of the military and stripped of benefits may have had their PTSD or other disorder play a part in their misconduct.

According to Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, there needs to be “fair and consistent” results in harder cases where the rigors of war may have taken their toll on a veteran.

“This is our responsibility and the right thing to do for veterans,” Hagel said. “This new guidance reflects our commitment to those who served our country during times of war many decades ago.”

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