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Most Americans think Social Security cuts would be ‘unfair’

While there have been talks by government officials recently that cuts may be coming for the Social Security disability payments program, a recent survey of 1,000 Americans by Lincoln Park Strategies shows that 83 percent believe cutting this program wouldn’t be fair and a mere 8 percent said they’d be in favor of these cuts. The survey, commissioned by the National Organization of Social Security Claimants’ Representatives, also shows that support came from both sides of the political aisle.

Other things this report found include:
– The Social Security Administration is estimating that the ratio of workers for every disability recipient will stay stable
– Disability benefits do not provide the same level of money as even a minimum wage job, so it is most certainly not preferable to be on Social Security disability benefits for those who can work
– SSD is not an entitlement program, as a lot of complex work and documentation goes into getting disabilities. As the report said, this is not an “entitlement program”

The Social Security disability program is essentially an insurance program for those that can no longer work due to a severe medical condition. Once approved, claimants are provided with a monthly income and medical insurance after a certain waiting period. The benefits are often the only financial help a disabled worker will obtains from the government.The attorneys at the Law Offices of Harold W. Conick and Associates are prepared to fight hard for their clients right to such benefits.