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How to Successfully Apply for SSDI

Social Security Disability AttorneyThe US federal program, SSDI, exists in order to provide financial assistance to tax paying disabled Americans. Due to a wide range of factors, including unsafe work environments, quite a significant number of Americans become disabled. Due to lack of awareness regarding the prerequisites of the SSDI program, a lot of people who are not eligible for financial benefits under this program apply for it. This, along with other factors, has contributed to a whopping 65% rejection of applications every year. The high percentage of denied applications may cause deserving candidates to feel less optimistic about their chances. Therefore, it is imperative to understand that the program has a set of conditions which you need to fulfill. If you meet all of the prerequisites, there is no reason for your application to be denied.

In order to ensure that your application is strong enough and meets all requirements, you can consult an experienced social security and disability lawyer. One of the main reasons why SSDI applications are rejected is improper and incomplete applications. Acquainting yourself fully with the requirements of the program can help you increase the chances of getting your SSDI application approved. But first, you need to check whether you are eligible to apply for the program or not.

What are the prerequisites of the SSDI program?

It is important to understand that this program is specially designed for employed tax paying Americans who become disabled. It is necessary for the disability to last a minimum of 12 months for you to be eligible to apply. The number of years you have worked prior to your disability is used to calculate the financial aid you could get from this program. But that comes later –first you need to meet the eligibility criteria. Under the law, the person appling for SSDI must have been previously employed and made contributions to social security funds through his or her salary deductions.

More importantly, you must be able to reflect through medical records that your disability is severe, and you have tried every possible treatment to overcome it. In some cases, people tend to avoid medical treatment in order to get SSDI benefits. But if it is proven that you did not pursue all potential treatments to cure your disability, your application will be denied.

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