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How Much Does The Widow Of A 100% Disabled Veteran Receive?

The Department Of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers financial and healthcare benefits to the spouses of veterans who are 100% disabled. You also are entitled to benefits if you are the widow of a 100% disabled veteran. Please learn more below, then contact our Illinois VA disability lawyer at Harold W. Conick & Associates for assistance with your VA disability claim.

What Happens If A Veteran Dies With A 100% Disability Rating?

If your spouse or partner passed away with a 100% disability, you may be eligible for compensation under the Dependency and Indemnity Compensation (DIC) program. This is a tax-free monthly benefit that is sent to the surviving spouse of a disabled veteran. The VA website states that the base compensation you can receive as the widow of a veteran with a 100% disability in 2022 was $1,437.66 monthly. But your check could be higher in these circumstances:

  • If the veteran had a 100% disability for a minimum of eight years before they passed away and you were married to them the entire time, you could receive $305.28 more per month.
  • If you are disabled with a condition that requires assistance with your daily living, you may be eligible for $356.16 more per month.
  • If you cannot leave your home because of a disability, you may receive $166.84 monthly.
  • If you have children who are minors, you could qualify for $306.00 more per month for the first 24 months after your loved one passes away. You may also receive up to $356.16 per month for every dependent child.

VA Survivors Pension

Another concept to be aware of is the VA survivors pension, which are payments you and your dependents could receive because of your relationship to the deceased veteran. However, if you have married again or receive an income higher than the income limits established by Congress, you will not be ineligible.

Similar to DIC benefits, pension payments are made monthly. Congress could change the amount you receive. Note that the benefit for a survivor’s benefit is only available to spouses of veterans who served during one of those periods. So, finding out if your spouse or partner served during one of those periods is key.

What Else Can You Receive As The Widow Of A 100% Disabled Veteran?

If you are the spouse of a veteran who passed away and had a 100% disability rating, you also may qualify for other VA benefits. These include:

  • Career and educational counseling: These services are free and can help you find a field that matches your career and financial goals.
  • Beneficiary assistance includes many services that can help you adjust to life without your spouse, including will preparation and financial advice.
  • Home loans: It can be challenging to afford a home when your spouse passes away, but the VA offers affordable mortgage programs if you qualify.

Contact Our Illinois VA Disability Lawyer Today

If you are the widow of a 100% disabled veteran, you may have many questions about VA disability and could be eligible for many benefits. Please contact our Illinois VA disability lawyer at Harold W. Conick & Associates at (800) 608-8881 for legal assistance with your case.