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How Can a Social Security Disability Lawyer Help You?

Social Security Disability AttorneyThere are a lot of ways a lawyer can help you speed up the extensive Social Security Disability application process. A qualified social security disability attorney will employ his experience to ensure that you get a decision on your claim faster.

Getting Approved in the First Round

You can get Social Security Disability Benefits much faster if your original application gets approved since an appeal can take over a year. For this reason, a social security disability lawyer can prove to be really valuable, as they are aware of what the Social Security office is looking for and can ensure that your initial application gets approved. A lawyer representing you can:

  • Complete your application so that it proves you are eligible for the benefits or are unable to hold down a stable job due to your disability.

  • Collect appropriate medical data to validate the medical impairment claims you are making in the application.

  • Ask for help from your doctor to support your case.

  • Notify Social Security if your illness is terminal so that your case receives expedited treatment.

Generally, a lawyer will only accept your case at this point if they think you have a good possibility of winning.

OTR Decision

If your initial application does not get approved, your next step should be to get an OTR (On the Record) review. A lawyer can handle the OTR decision by:

  • Writing a detailed brief that highlights why you are eligible to receive the benefits and how it meets the criteria set by Social Security.

  • Collecting any new medical records or gathering information from your doctor called for by the Social Security.

  • Asking the Attorney Adjudicator about the specific merits of your situation or negotiating your disability onset date.

ALJ Hearing Stage

If your claim doesn’t get approved even after the OTR review, your case will be directed to a hearing. If you want to apply for SSI but are facing financial problems, a lawyer can help you get your hearing scheduled sooner by writing a dire need letter for you. A social security disability lawyer can increase your possibility of winning the appeal at the hearing by:

  • Preparing you with answers to question that may get asked at the hearing so that you are able to clearly communicate the details of your illness and how it limits you to the ALJ.

  • Helping you select the witnesses and prepare them so they are able to give the appropriate responses at the hearing.

While you cannot magically speed up the process, a lawyer can increase the possibility of your application getting approved at an earlier stage. Contact Harold W. Conick & Associates Ltd. today at (800) 608-8881 to schedule a consultation with our Social Security disability attorney.