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Headaches, depression could have close tie

There has been success by those with severe or debilitating headaches in applying for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration. However, there could be more to a relationship between headaches and depression, especially after mild traumatic brain injuries, according to a report from the American Headache Society.

After suffering from an mTBI, patients with headaches are 5 times more likely to be depressed than those without headaches, according to the report. Those who were depressed were also far more likely to have headaches. This showcases the extreme importance of treating not only these injuries, but a patient’s mindstate after they suffer from any kind of head injury. Doctor visits will also be essential in obtaining SSA disability benefits, as administrative judges need to see a doctor’s opinion on the matter.

Sylvia Lucas MD, PhD, clinical professor of neurology and neurological surgery, University of Washington Medical Center in Seattle, said that early diagnosis will also be helpful in treating these headaches and depression over time. This means that even though these may be linked and debilitating now, patients will hopefully not have to rely on SSA benefits for money and will be able to eventually return to work.

“Even if we see these people early on in our clinic or in the emergency room and they have no symptoms, it’s certainly worth seeing them in follow-up,” she said.

Claimants who are attempting to win SSA disability benefits based on severe headaches must support their claim with evidence. Judges must see how the symptoms of their headaches impact their ability to function.

It is essential to keep a headache log to document the type, frequency and severity of your headaches. Additionally, medical evidence of treatment and medications employed are essential in getting disability benefits based on headaches.

The Law Offices of Harold W. Conick and Associates have many years of experience fighting for our clients. We are experts in assembling and presenting evidence to the SSA for clients seeking to win disability benefits due to severe headaches.