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Getting disability benefits not as easy as many think

Although there are many politically motivated misconceptions with regard to those with dsiability qualifying conditions, a recent study from Columbia Business School showed that it is not as easy to get disability benefits as many think. The report, titled “Unemployment Insurance and Disability Insurance in the Great Recession,” found that those who are unemployed and uninsured are not able to easily procure Social Security Administration benefits.

Columbia Business School Professor Andreas Mueller said this research provides that those who are unemployed don’t file for disability after other benefits are finished.

“The evidence is just not there. As a matter of fact, fewer than 2 percent of workers whose unemployment benefits had expired actually applied for disability insurance,” he wrote. “While SSDI applications did rise somewhat over the course of the recent recessions, there appears to be no significant increase in SSDI applications in periods where the number of UI exhaustions dropped to zero due to the large UI extensions that were enacted during those times.”

The takeaway from this, Mueller said, is that unemployment extensions will not cause any further harm to the solvency of the SSA program and SSDI trust fund.

The SSA statistics reveal that claimants have a better chance of winning their benefits when they are represented by counsel than when they attempt to go it alone. The Law Offices of Harold W. Conick and Associates have successfully represented claimants from the initial application through the hearing before the Judge. We will go to the appeals council and federal court if necessary. We stand ready, willing and able to fight and win for our clients.