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Get Social Security benefits via video hearings

Usually, claimants looking for Social Security disability benefits will have to appear in person in front of an administrative law judge. These hearings will be within 75 miles of the claimants house, according to the Social Security Administration, but there is now an option to appear at a Social Security hearing via video.

“Often an appearance by video hearing can be scheduled faster than an in-person appearance,” the SSA said on its website. That means less waiting time. Also, a video hearing location may be closer to your home. That might make it easier for you to have witnesses or other people accompany you.”

Forbes said the SSA has been facing a large backlog for years, but the video hearing allows for new measures to be taken that will mitigate some of the backlog. There are almost 2 million people waiting for benefits, so a video hearing can help cut down on the wait. The website said applicants who want a video hearing should expect it to be similar to regular hearings, so they still must come prepared with medical evidence and dress appropriately.

The Law Offices of Harold W Conick & Associates is skilled in trial proceedings and have successfully represented thousands of claimants for over 25 years. Video hearings require the same trial skills as hearings where the administrative judge is present physically. It is important for claimants to understand that their medical records are critical pieces of evidence that must be before the judge prior to either a video or face-to-face hearing before the Social Security Administration in order for the judge to fully understand their claim and approve their case.