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Form eliminated for veterans benefits to shorten process

Each year, veterans would have to fill out the Eligibility Verification report to keep getting their benefits, but Consumer Reports said the Department of Veterans Affairs are eliminating these forms and bringing in a new process for confirming the eligibility of benefits. Now, VA said it will work with the Internal Revenue Service and the Social Security Administration to help verify continued eligibility for pension benefits.

“By working together, we have cut red tape for Veterans and will help ensure these brave men and women get the benefits they have earned and deserve,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric Shinseki.

Cutting out the EVR form could go a long way toward cutting down the large backlog VA has accrued over the years, as VA estimates that it would have sent out 150,000 EVRs to beneficiaries just in the month of January alone. Eliminating this form will allow the veterans to have less of a burden, and as an added bonus for VA, will redirect 100 employees that usually process these forms to work on the backlog.

Although there can be numerous forms and red tape procedures for veterans to follow in order to obtain their VA benefits, the Law Offices of Harold W Conick, & Associates are committed to assisting it clients seeking VA benefits with professional advice and related services in order to help them obtain their benefits within the earliest possible timeframe.