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Female veterans can attain VA benefits

With a greater number of female servicemembers comes a sad reality: Women veterans are now the fastest growing homeless population in the United States. This is according to what documentary filmmaker Lizzie Warren said on, saying that this population has grown sharply. Women having a hard time after being discharged should look to attain veterans benefits to help land or get back on their feet back home.

As notes, female vets have the same right as men do to VA benefits after their service. There are even gender-specific services, such as breast and pelvic examinations, contraceptive services, menopause management and more. Women suffer the same combat injuries as men in battle and are entitled to the same veterans benefits.

“To ensure the privacy of women veterans, the VA medical centers have introduced a variety of structural changes,” said. “Women Veterans’ Coordinators are available at all VA facilities to assist women veterans in seeking treatment and benefits.”

For women having trouble procuring the benefits they need, getting proper representation may be important as the VA backlog is now larger than ever. Many of these veterans will deal with need to be dealt with as quickly as possible and having representation to procure these benefits can help.

The Law Offices of Harold W. Conick and Associates are aggressive advocates for both female and male veterans. Women’s rating claims are denied for the same ill considered reasons as their male counterparts. Therefore, female veterans require expert and focused legal representation, which our office can provide.